Andy Gainey


Salutations, and thank you for visiting my personal website!

I'm Andy Gainey (once upon a time Andrew Gainey to those who knew me prior to 2010), a pro­fessional soft­ware engineer, inde­pendent game designer, and an ama­teur dabbler in many subjects, including philo­sophy, music (partic­ularly drums), pho­to­graphy, art, LEGO, and science.

I identify psycho­logi­cally as neuro­divergent. I consider myself philo­sophic­ally to be an exi­stential­ist, a neo­pragmatist, a stoic, an absurdist. Po­lit­i­cal­ly, I am, well, en­gaged but com­pli­ca­ted, and don't neat­ly fit into com­mon ca­te­gor­i­za­tions. I love mu­sic, and try to keep my musical interests broad. Si­mi­lar­ly, I read ex­ten­sive­ly, though per­haps with a tight­er fo­cus on genres such as spe­cu­la­tive fic­tion, and phi­lo­so­phy and sci­ence in the non-fic­tion ca­te­gory.

Included on this site are various lenses into my perso­nality and my non-pro­fessional activ­ities. I hope that the content can serve both as a means to let you learn more about who I am and what I'm about, as well as perhaps a source of inspir­ation to you in your own quest to develop your per­son­al identity.


I have been exp­er­iment­ing with pho­to­graphy since late 2014, and have ga­thered and sel­ected around 1000 shots di­vided into a var­iety of cate­gories. Enjoy brow­sing through them, and feel free to use them for non-com­mer­cial pur­poses! (Just give me attri­bu­tion please.)


Something com­pelled me to try to organ­ize some of my int­er­ests into lists of favorites. It's hard to do! My major moti­vation is to spread my own int­er­ests to others through sharing. These lists should also provide an int­er­esting lens into my per­son­ality, if you're curious.

So ex­plore my fa­vor­ite music, movies, games, books, and more and learn how to be more like me! :-D


I occasionally write on miscellaneous topics. I should write more. What I have written can be found as blog posts.