Andy Gainey

About Me

I am a professional software engineer, independent game designer, and an amateur dabbler in many subjects, including philosophy, music (particularly the drums), art, LEGO, and science. Many of the products of my dabbling will surely make their way onto this site. I already have some drum and LEGO related items available on their respective pages. More content on these and other subjects are sure to follow.

I am a self-diagnosed autistic. I was first made aware of the possibility back in 2006 when I stumbled across the condition known as Asperger's syndrome, though it took until 2014 for me to research and reflect enough to recognize and accept autism as a core element of my identity. But now that I have finally incorporated it into my self-image, this insight has been very valuable to my ongoing journey of self-discovery, explaining much about my experiences and behaviors that I had previously understood poorly or hardly recognized at all. It has also provided me with actionable directions to follow in my pursuit of self-improvement. I have put together some resources on the subject on my Autism page, and will be publishing my own thoughts and perspectives on my blog.

My current employment is as a lone game developer, with a present focus on game design and programming. You can follow my progress on my company's website, I am moderately active on Twitter also, predominately with gamedev related tidbits. My handle is @AndyGainey.